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Alexander Elder By Staunton on Jun 5, 2019

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Alexander Elder - New Trading Tactics

New Tactics: Trading for a Living Dr Alexander Elder (Author)

Imagine traveling to New York and spending a day acquiring new insights into trading psychology, seeing the latest twists in trading tactics, and hearing hard-hitting comments on money management.Dr. Elder gave this seminar two years after TRADING FOR A LIVING was published - he shows which techniques stood the test of time and adds some new ones.

Dr. Alexander Elder is a professional trader based in New York City. He is the author of a dozen books, including Come into My Trading Room(Barron's 2002 Book of the Year) and Trading for a Living, considered modern classics among traders.

Dr. Elder was born in Leningrad and grew up in Estonia, where he entered medical school at the age of 16. At 23, while working as a ship's doctor, he jumped a Soviet ship in Africa and received political asylum in the United States. He worked as a psychiatrist in New York City and taught at Columbia University. His experience as a psychiatrist provided him with unique insight into the psychology of trading. Dr. Elder's books, articles, and software reviews have established him as one of today's leading experts on trading

Dr. Elder is the originator of Traders' Camps week-long classes for traders, as well as the Spike group for traders. He continues to trade and is a sought-after speaker at conferences in the US and abroad.

Our was founded by Dr. Alexander Elder in 1988 and originally named Financial Trading Seminars. From the start, the company focused on providing education for serious traders. Here are just a few of our milestones: 

  • 1988 - first seminar, presenter - John J. Murphy, author of bestselling Technical Analysis
  • 1989 - the company starts producing VHS tapes on trading, among the first in the world
  • 1993 - Trading for a Living is published, becomes an international bestseller
  • 1994 - with the emergence of internet, the company registers and goes online
  • 1996 - the first Traders' Camp in the Caribbean
  • 2004 - Spike group born in a Traders' Camp
  • 2007 - the company starts producing webinars for traders, among the first in the world
  • 2011 - the company becomes involved in producing ebooks for traders is always at the cutting edge of modern markets, helping clients become better, more confident traders.

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