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As Soon As Humanly Possible …

 … sign me up. Clayton, I’m on board with you. I’d like to hitch my wagon to yours ASAP and get moving on this mushrooming part of our business. I’d like to sign up TODAY to be first in line to get your Makepeace Method program.

I understand I’ll get a complete system for writing winning Video Sales Letters. One that’s easy to follow, yet more complete than any other out there.

Plus, I look forward to not just being a VSL expert, but even better, being an expert in Internet marketing. I understand that having these skills will “Wow” my clients and have them lined up begging for my services.

I’ll get your 3 webinars showing me how to create a skeleton for what I’m working on, and take it “bones to body” so actually writing it is easy. And better yet – it works for any copy!

I’ll get your 8 Sessions — available in video and audio with printable PowerPoint slides — showing me everything from how to write a VSL to how to land clients to negotiating my contracts and even how to produce my own professional VSL, ready to post on the Web.

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