Daily Market Review 2009-2012
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David Vallieres By Nonnie on Jun 23, 2019

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David Vallieres - Daily Market Review 2009-2012 (Video 16 GB)

Daily Market Advantage is a daily market newsletter put out by Dave Vallieres of Tradingology.com. Dave has been in the markets for over 40 years. He has traded stocks, forex, futures, and more but his forte is options trading. His analysis covers all the major markets in multiple time frames so this advisory service is suitable for a diversity of trading styles. Whether you are a day trader, a swing trader, making a living trading or learning it as a hobby he provides a commentary on the major indices; Dow, Nasdaq, S&P, ETFs as well as stocks and of course various options plays.

He shares his short and long-term outlooks and offers various strategies to capitalize on his analysis. He has spent decades analyzing the markets and was able to profit on the 2009 March lows as well as the subsequent rally.  All of his commentaries are documented in the archives which you will have access to as a subscriber.

Some of the options strategies that he will utilize are condors, calendars, victory spreads, the greeks to manage your portfolio and he also teaches you various hedging strategies. He uses options

Here’s a summary of what you get:

  • Make profitable trades regardless of the stock market going up, down, sideways
  • Recommended for any trading style
  • In-depth technical analysis across all markets
  • Analysis with his proprietary indictor Marketxfactor
  • Commentary on Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, VIX, ETFs, individual stocks and more
  • Specific recommendations when to enter and exit a position
  • Short and Long term options plays
  • There are no additional upsells, software to purchase or platform fees and they don’t pump and dump stocks.
  • Learn more about the one month trial to Daily Market Advantage

David Vallieres Bio

David Vallieres is an Internet marketing expert who has been around since a long time on this medium. He has been a prominent figure on the Internet for close to 2 decades now and his knowledge of the medium is definitely quite unbeatable. At a time when Internet marketing was just blossoming into something worthwhile, David Vallieres was already busy minting money through it. This puts him on a top pedestal among all Internet marketing gurus of today.

David Vallieres Detailed Overview

He shot to fame when he almost pioneered the aspect of making money through eBay. EBay did exist before that, but people did not know that they could also make money through it. Many people did not even know about this entity called eBay. But David Vallieres almost passionately propagated this idea on the Internet, himself became rich and made a lot other people rich too.

There was struggle, of course. Even as a few people initially understood what his novel ideas were all about, a lot more people did not understand them so easily. David Vallieres found it difficult to market his ideas to these people, given that the resources were quite few at that time. It took him a lot of time to understand how to do things. This is another factor that sets him apart from the Internet marketing experts of today. David Vallieres has lived and learned, not just scrapped a few things together from the already existing knowledge of other people.

Today he is best known for his various eBooks, audios and videos that are scattered all over the Internet, along with his newsletters and his membership website. He is the author or works such as:-

How to profit from Public Domain Information

Think and Succeed! You can make your Living Online

David Vallieres Reputation

David Vallieres, for everything that he is, is a very impressive Internet marketing guru, who has always done things his own way and they have turned out to be successful. People talk about his work because it is available and distributable quite easily. All this has helped give him a certain kind of venerability in the world of Internet marketing experts.

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