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Becoming a successful day trader is no easy task. It’s important to make sure you are prepared before diving into the markets. We provide top-notch education that allows you to learn from our mistakes and increase your chances of profitability.

About the Course

Be prepared for a SOLID eight hours packed full of information. You’ll need a paper and pen, watch it once … twice … as many times as you want and I guarantee you’ll learn more EACH and EVERY time!

This goes through EVERYTHING I’ve learned from day one. Where I’ve made the most money, lost the most money, what to stay away from; the lessons I learned the hard way and — most importantly — how to come to the market EACH day for a paycheck, prepared, energized, and ready to anticipate trades for daily profits.

I dive into each and every topic with detail, visual examples and clear concise answers to better your trading strategy. I do this EVERY DAY! I’ve made this to speed your LEARNING CURVE up exponentially.

Chapter Overview

Chapter 1 - Purpose & History

Explains Nate’s trading history and how to make the most of the DVD.

Chapter 2 - Setup and Terminology

Learn the trading lingo and how to become a focused trader

Chapter 3 - Charting & TA

Understand supply & demand and the basics of using charts

Chapter 4 - ABCD & Long Trades

Discover the famous ABCD pattern and how to spot long setups

Chapter 5 - Red/Green & Long Trades

Learn how to anticipate red/green moves and place trades accordingly.

Chapter 6 - Shorts & Over Extensions

Introduction to short-selling and which patterns to look for

Chapter 7 - Morning Emotion & Faders

Master early morning trading and learn how to spot setups

Chapter 8 - OTC Trading

Understand the OTC setups that actually make you money

Chapter 9 - Brokers

Nate goes over the brokers he recommends and why

Chapter 10 - Daily Routine & Goals

Nate goes over his morning routine and why it’s important

Chapter 11 - Websites & Homework

Learn about helpful websites for trading and good traders to follow on Twitter

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