Hot Stock Market Strategies

Jack Bernstein By Mark on May 21, 2019

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Jack Bernstein - Hot Stock Market Strategies

Hot Stock Market Strategies encourages the average person who wants to make big money and keep them to take the Bull (or Bear) by the horns and bust a move in any stock market. No technical mumbo jumbo, no punches, no sugar coating -- this book maps out a clear and concise strategy designed to take advantage of any stock market - up, down or sideways. Regardless of previous investing experience, anyone who wants to WIN at the stock market game can easily follow Jacob Bernstein's step-by-step approach to kicking the market and boosting fortunes.

About the Author

Jacob Bernstein is the author of more than 35 books on trading and investing. His expertise on proprietary market indicators and timing tools has also been highlighted through his appearances on major radio and television programs, including Wall Street Week, and CNBC.

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