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EasyRenko System 1.516 - FULL Package

Custom Strategies for your quick success!

There are custom strategies to make no brainer weekly or monthly bread n butter pips. These are out of chart confirming strategies.

So that means you're not reliant just on indicators and templates, but you have a 3rd party chart confirmation to be sure of your trades.

Currently there are four custom strategies.

  1. Gold Strategy
  2. USDDKK Strategy
  3. JPY Strategy
  4. Scalping Strategy

EASY RENKO SYSTEM - Version 1.516 "RenkoForce"

The new version 1.51 of Easy Renko is now much more easier to trade, however I always make clients first trade on a demo with the system, until they have achieved 500 pips, so they may see for themselves how fast it takes depending on the confidence levels and the amount of time they could spend on the screen for trade setups. 

  • 28-page manual of the system
  • Optimized Settings Brochure.
  • Basic Troubleshooting Guide.
  • Flexible money management excel sheet.

RenkoForce Version 2.2 

The entire trading system with the Upgrade pack 1 included and 1.51 version update.

Version 1.516 Template Upgrade (RenkoForce)

Sound, Popup & E-mail Alert System, when a possible setup happens. (No Need to monitor the screen all day)

Upgrade Pack 2

Slide Show Pack 1

Quick guide to understand price (Manual, Spreadsheet & Indicator)

Forex calender software.

Forex clock software.

Mt4 artificial tick generator software to generate renko charts on weekends when the market is not moving.

Use of currency index renko charts and how to be able to see dynamic strength and weakness of currency in chart form, to be able to pinpoint which pairs are the most favorable to trade.

Secret of USDDKK (Denmark Krone), how it works with the euro through the ERM (European Exchange Rate Mechanism) & how you could exploit it to make hundreds of pips daily.

Gold, JPY and Scalping Strategy.

Ability to trade Forex, Gold & Oil through renko charting via Easy Renko System and the optimized custom settings for each instrument to get the best trades and pips out of it.

Ability to trade in the following markets using renko charts.

Forex, Commodities & STOCK INDICES.

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