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Charles A.Jayne – The Best Of Charles Jayne

Included in this volume, which is four books in one, are four significant works by Charles Jayne: Horoscope Interpretation Outlined, Introduction to Locality Astrology, Parallels: Their Hidden Meaning, and The Technique of Rectification. Horoscope Interpretation Outlined explores the basics of chart reading, beginning with the chart as a whole and gradually working to the entire chart. Special sections explore the major chart configurations and the eight lunation cycle phases. Introduction to Locality Astrology focuses on three methods of shifting the horoscope to a different locality, with complete instructions for each one. Also explained is the Johndro baseline chart, using the Jacqueline Onassis chart as an example. Parallels: Their Hidden Meaning examines powerful chart configurations in declination that signal the main meaning of the horoscope. In addition to the natal chart, the author discusses transits and progressions. The tools and techniques of rectification are the main focus of The Technique of Rectification, which includes other factors involved in the process, such as the ascending sign, planets in houses, and horoscope validation.

Charles A. Jayne, Jr. was born on October 9, 1911 at 10:39 am in Jenkintown, Pa. He was educated at Princeton University (philosophy), Virginia Polytechnic Institute (electrical engineering), and Columbia University (psychology), and the Asia Institute. He was a technical analyst on Wall Street from 1961 to 1969, and was mentioned very favorably by James Dines in his book about technical stock market analysis. Well schooled in theosophy, he was vice-president of Nicholas DeVore’s Astrological Research Society. He was president of the Astrologers’ Guild of America (1958-60) and founded Astrological Research Associates in 1958. He and his wife, Vivia Jayne, edited the magazine In Search from 1958 to 1962, an international astrological journal. In 1970 he founded the Association for Research in Cosmecology, an organization specializing in the reintegration of astrology into mainline science. Jayne wrote the mundane astrology column in Dell Horoscope for about 15 years. He was also one of the founders of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. He was a recipient of the Marc Edmund Jones Award.

Charles used to say that that one needed to study astronomy in order to truly understand astrology. He was interested in the astronomical structure of astrology. Astronomy was the physical side of the spiritual. He believed that the spiritual world is reflected in the physical. Charles felt that the physical universe is but the shadow of God. He blended technical proficiency (he did not spare words when he saw inaccurate work) with spiritual insight. The stars were intense generators of pure energy, and the planets were step-down transformers that enabled humans to tap into the energy.

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