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Clif Droke By Troy99 on Dec 19, 2018

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Clif Droke – Gann Simplified

Publisher: Marketplace Books, Inc. (August 1, 2001)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1931611246
ISBN-13: 978-1931611244

“Those new to Gann’s methods should find Gann Simplified a fascinating introduction. Clif Droke has done an excellent job of delivering the “essence” of W.D. Gann’s writings… Readers will learn that much of the wisdom from today’s top “gurus” originally came from Gann.”Steve WoodsAuthor of The Precision Profit Float Indicator “Panics will come and bull markets will follow just as long as the world stands – and they are just as sure as the ebb and flow of the tides, because it is the nature of man to overdue everything.” – from 45 Years in Wall Street by W.D. Gann This is but one of the many predictions and theories developed by Gann that are still relevant and useful in today’s trading arena. Despite advances in everything from technology to communications, Gann’s groundbreaking theories continue to be viable, influencing today’s most successful investors.While his work is considered complex, often dense and difficult for many to decipher, Clif Droke provides an excellent overview of Gann’s seminal theories in Gann Simplified, making them understandable and accessible to a new legion of followers. Gann’s contributions to the field of technical analysis and trading are truly staggering and now, this hands-on manual helps new and experienced traders alike discover how to apply his winning concepts to their own investing success.You’ll find …* The basic foundations of Gann theory* The type of chart Gann felt was the most important – and why* Gann’s special swing charting approach * Gann’s 24 Never Failing Trading Rules* How he explains support and resistance – and much more.Learn how this guru – who was trading well before WWI – can improve your trading today, using a “simplified” approach to Gann’s classic trading tenets.

About the Author

Clif Droke is a popular technical analyst, newsletter editor and author. He is the editor of Leading Indicators newsletter, a weekly publication covering U.S. equities markets and socio-cultural trends from a technical perspective. He is also the editor of other newsletters, including Clif Droke’s Internet Stock Outlook and the Gold Strategies Review. For these investment and trading publications, he analyzes several major sectors of the U.S. and global equities markets.

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