2010 Outlook

Daniel T. Ferrera By Larry on Dec 15, 2018

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Daniel T. Ferrera – 2010 Outlook

October, 2009. We are very pleased to announce the release of Daniel Ferrera’s newest OUTLOOK FOR 2010. Dan began these yearly Outlooks in 2008 and has continued this tradition for four years now. We have received numerous letters telling us how useful and critical these Outlooks have become considering the current uncertainty in the markets, so Dan has agreed to continue producing these yearly forecasts for as long as there is serious interest. We keep these earlier Outlooks available for the education they provide in forecasting markets, so that students can see past results and follow the techniques over a number of years.

Dan Ferrera is one of the most respected modern Financial Forecasters & Gann Experts. This page has a complete listing of his Courses and Articles on the Financial Markets.

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