Valuation Maximizing Corporate Value

George M. Norton III By Kori on Jan 18, 2019

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George M.Norton III – Valuation. Maximizing Corporate Value

Outlines an effective evaluation methodology for assessing the value of any organization Valuation offers methods to accelerate the achievement of explicitly stated goals through external means and discusses the implications for valuation that would aid in the prioritization and execution of the most favorable strategies. Filled with numerous checklists and forms, this comprehensive resource addresses important valuation issues for many different situations.

Table of Contents

Preface xv

CHAPTER 1 Conduct Strategic Audit 1

Highlight Existing Strengths 2

Identify Implicit Strategies 9

Plot Growth Performance 13

Analyze Profitability Ratios 16

Determine Relative Value 18

Summary 20

Endnotes 20

CHAPTER 2 Calculate Current Value 23

Discover Importance of Value 23

Master Discounted Cash Flow 30

Understand Value Drivers 35

Determine Cost of Capital 40

Calculate Current Organization Value 43

Summary 48

Endnotes 48

CHAPTER 3 Assess Strategic Landscape 51

Review Planning Fundamentals 52

Identify Stakeholders 57

Gather Additional Information 61

Define Factors for Success 69

Identify Barriers to Success 73

Summary 73

Endnotes 74

CHAPTER 4 Build Framework Foundation 75

Review Framework Relevance 76

Discover the Process 77

Lay the Foundation 81

Determine Niche Positions and Goals 88

Evaluate Mission, Niches, and Goals 93

Summary 95

Endnotes 96

CHAPTER 5 Formulate Sound Strategies 97

Understand Strategic Thinking 98

Develop Objectives 108

Develop Strategies 113

Select Value-Maximizing Strategies 119

Summary 128

Endnotes 128

CHAPTER 6 Evaluate Alternative Approaches 129

Review the Selected Strategies 130

Understand the Methodology 131

Quantify the Selected Strategies 134

Calculate Revised Case Value 144

Measure Value Enhancement 150

Summary 154

CHAPTER 7 Execute for Value 157

Create Action Plans 158

Plan Implementation 170

Embrace Change 177

Execute the Framework 187

Summary 188

Endnotes 190

Epilogue 191

Index 193

Author Information

GEORGE M. NORTON III is the Managing Partner of George M. Norton Associates, a national management consulting firm that specializes in strategic management, acquisition implementation, and ownership transition.

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