Market Astrophysics

Hans Hannula By Stephen on Dec 10, 2018

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Hans Hannula – Market Astrophysics

A great starter kit. A book. Learn about the Chaos Clamshell and what causes it and other chaotic events. Contains reprints of all of Han’s published articles. Capitalizing on Chaos with Market AstroPhysics,In Search of the Cause of Cycles, In Search of the Cause of the Crash of 1987, Using Gann with Market AstroPhysics, Cycles Without Tears, In Search of Truly Scientific Correlations, Trade Like a Cheetah, Tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal, Making Money With Chaos, Cycles Make Easy, A Lunar Chaos Theory, Trading the Seasonal Cycle, Trading the Eclipse Cycle, Cashing in on Natural Energy, Cashing In On XGO, Why Johnny Can’t Trade, The Tachyon Field in Stocks and Commodities, and more.

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