Simplified Scientific Astrology

Max Heindel By Robert on Mar 23, 2019

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Max Heindel - Simplified Scientific Astrology

In a time when astrological analysis can begin within seconds of an on-screen click, we do not often consider the methods that were previously used to individually calculate a chart as correctly and simply as possible. This text contains the fundamental processes of attaining astrological data so that we may understand and benefit from this tradition which grants us infinite knowledge, reflection, and growth. Concise, descriptive, at times even poetic, Simplified Scientific Astrology includes instructions and examples on accurately determining planetary positions for a given time and location, and demonstrates an organized method of indexing to derive overall conditions and effects. 

The second, extensive portion of the book is an encyclopedia of astrological terms which defines these distinctly and lucidly. The work of this master of Astrology is complemented through this elegantly restored volume. Within these pages, Max Heindel succinctly elaborates the procedures of astrological calculation and the integral concepts of this tremendous discipline.

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