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Jeffrey S.Maurer By Octavian on Jun 27, 2019

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Jeffrey S.Maurer - Rich in America

Advance Praise for Rich In America

"I highly recommend Rich in America to investors of all economic levels. While certainly no company understands the wealthy better than U.S. Trust, Jeff Maurer has done a wonderful job of turning the wisdom he gathered during his distinguished career at this venerable institution into advice that will benefit anyone interested in making smarter financial decisions." -Charles Schwab Chairman, The Charles Schwab Corporation

"Jeff Maurer is uniquely qualified to advise the affluent and those who would be. Rich in America is packed with insight and wisdom gleaned from his long and tremendously successful career at the very pinnacle of wealth management." -Timothy C. Forbes Chief Operating Officer, Forbes Inc.

"For thirty-three years, Jeff Maurer helped build U.S. Trust Corporation into one of the nation's most prominent and respected wealth managers. In this book, Jeff combines his own experience with the knowledge gleaned from a decade of U.S. Trust research into who the affluent are, how they earned their money, and how they keep it. The U.S. Trust approach to building and maintaining wealth makes relevant reading for anyone eager to provide for their own and their family's financial well-being." -Alan J. Weber Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, U.S. Trust Corporation

"Jeff Maurer has distilled more than three decades of investment advice to affluent clients into a concise, informative, and extraordinarily readable work. Readers who are trying to preserve accumulated assets, as well as those who are setting out to build substantial wealth, will profit from this wide-ranging book." -James Poterba Mitsui Professor of Economics, MIT

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