Spread Trading Webinar

Joe Ross, Tradingeducators By Staunton on Dec 8, 2018

Course, Trading, Trader, Joe Ross, Tradingeducators

Joe Ross - Spread Trading Webinar (tradingeducators.com)

This course/seminar would be best suited for:
* Beginners interested in trading
* Novice traders
* Professional traders
Course/Seminar taught via: Computer (online applications)
Brief explanation of Course/Seminar Learn the essentials of spread trading, including spread selection, setting of objectives, and protecting position. You will learn the rationale behind spreads and how they are one of the best kept secrets. Spreads can be done in all markets and you will see the proof.
Course/Seminar instructor(s): Joe Ross
Brief explanation of instructor(s) experience: Over 47 years as a Trader, author, and educator. Joe is still active in trading the markets, trading Spreads, Shares, Options, and Futures.

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