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Profit – Quant Trading 101

Quant Trading 101 is designed to teach people how to do quantitative analysis to form some qualitative opinions. The hope of this DVD is to share some insights into how to normalize data, how to test if you actually have an edge in a system or methodology, how to import and export data, how to analyze data, so on and so forth. In this DVD, you will find lots of examples, a trader toolbox to test your system using Monte Carlo and a form of E-ratio, included in case your platform that you are using does not offer these tools.

* All Examples Will Use Excel and Tradestation Please be aware of this.

My hope is that this gives you some starting point to start doing quantitative analysis and opens your eyes to what is possible in the market. The program is not designed to teach you to code. In this DVD, we will go through an example from A-Z. We will take an idea and walkthrough each step from idea, to excel, to Tradestation, to analyzing the system.  

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