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Fwtrader - Voodoo Lines (Oct 2013)

Voodoo Lines Give You An Edge

Every trader needs an edge and by taking advantage of the hidden support and resistance uncovered by Voodoo Lines you can make it your edge. When trading, one thing matters more than anything else: knowing the trend and the support and resistance from Voodoo Lines gives critical information to help you find it determine it. Trends may end at support and resistance, and when they don’t and make it cleanly through it’s an indication that trend is likely to continue. Put simply, you need to know where support and resistance are and Voodoo Lines helps you find it.

Are Different From Other Indicators

Trend lines, moving averages, pivots and many other indicators are often used to find possible support or resistance. All of them can be useful, but none of them do what Voodoo Lines can do. While levels for other indicators are always changing, Voodoo Lines stay in the same place. Not for days or weeks like pivots but usually for many years, sometimes decades. Because Voodoo Lines uncover important levels long before price reaches them, trading scenarios can be anticipated days, weeks, or even months ahead of time. MACD showed obvious divergence as EURUSD approached the Fireline. This is the most significant level of support/resistance in Voodoo Lines and the setup warned of the reversal which came right at that level. I use Voodoo Lines for my trading and found it the best indicator I have. If there was only one indicator to use with price this would be it. With price direction I can see where the stock is going. I watch as the price approaches a new Voodoo Linefor a possible exit. I also like to enter trades at a Voodoo Line and if price reverses I make a quick exit.

Trading Ju-Jitsu

To many traders, “Elliott Waves” are dirty words. For every trader who swears by counting waves there are a dozen others who will tell you that the technique is either too confusing or too difficult. Perhaps the biggest challenge is that Elliott waves are subjective and analysts often disagree about how to interpret current price action. However, when we’re looking for an edge in trading we can look to turn weakness into strength, kind of like trading Ju-Jitsu.

Even if analysts disagree about the current wave structure, they usually agree about how to interpret what has happened long in the past since that action has concluded and one can see the results. Voodoo Lines are built by projecting levels based on these long-term wave structures where there is little ambiguity. By turning the usual challenges of Elliott Wave on their head we create a new tool which uncovers powerful support and resistance levels which any trader can use. The best part is, you don’t need to know anything about Elliott waves to use Voodoo Lines. Levels projected from price action years ago generates levels which can be support or resistance for current trading. I always spend quite a lot of time watching the indices. Voodoo Lines help give me a new perspective on what is otherwise very confusing.

What Symbols Does Voodoo Lines Work With?

Each symbol included with Voodoo Lines needs to be analyzed by a real person and monitored to make sure the levels are appropriate. Therefore, it will not work with every instrument. When you purchase Voodoo Lines you will get support for a select list of:

Stock indices; Stock index futures; Commodity futures; and

Stock index ETFs; Currency pairs. In addition, support for a select list of individual stocks is available through a separate subscription to anyone who has purchased Voodoo Lines. Below is a list of all the symbols available in the base Voodoo Lines and through the Stock Update subscription.

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