MicroTrends Indicators

Ninja Trader By Joy on Aug 15, 2019

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MicroTrends Indicators

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First of all as a discretionary trader or semi/fully automatic NinjaTrader robot trader - you should learn about Signals Indicators - these contain algorithms that trade in a certain way. Uniquely each indicator consists of a two stage signal system, the trade setup logic, filters and price confirmation - for either Mean reversion, trend following or a mixture/hybrid of all technical analysis trading techniques.  Each Indicator graphically uses a green dots and red dots  for signalling on the chart a trade setup, and fires a text and audio alert - the trade entry signal is a green up triangle or red down triangle -optionally with a green or red vertical background on the entry bar - and fires a text and audio alert.

Start off by learning what they do and how they work. How to use them on a chart and understand how to visually back test them on different chart data series and session templates.Discover how all Signals Indicators use a common parameter interface which is almost identical - with basic parameters unique to the indicator and common parameter groups, also the ability to save one or more settings and allocate it an ID and friendly name - for easy recall later.

To Accelerate your learning time learning the basics of the signals indicators design is critical  -  learn it once and re-use that understanding for all other indicators. Later you can use a NinjaTrader strategy based on one or more of the indicators and see the same indicators used in the strategy for controlling the signal - which a strategy would then execute. This will allow you to easily segment the and comprehend the numerous parameter groups in a signals indicator and strategy based on one.

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