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Timothy Sykes – How To Make Millions

This DVD set is simply the best day trader training DVD I have ever wached....Tim you inspire me to be the best trader that I can be .... Thank you...Do yourself a favor and buy this DVD even if you are sceptical about it you won't regret the $300 investment in youself. I particularly related to the Tim Bohan DVD as he showed just how achievable it was to make money with Tim's penny stock trading strategy. -John Ratty

My favorite thing about this DVD is the way Tim converses with you whilst still teaching you a ton. The DVD teaches you all you should know about trading penny stocks. On top of Tim teaching you his strategy, you also get to learn other millionaire trader strategies. I would recommend watching this brilliant DVD 4-5 times if not more. I would also recommend this DVD to aspiring traders of all ages. -Jeff Lismore

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