Questions And Answers

Please make sure that you have already activate your account.

Note: Only active account can get benefit of the community!

Please be patient! System will send out the activation email right after you complete the signup process. But because of some reasons the email will come to your box a bit late. So please wait for couple minutes for the message to be delivered.

Note: You still able to force system to resend activation email after signed in and your account still not yet active.

After sending the payment and confirm with your payment transaction ID. You will receive credits almost immediately.

Please make sure you follow the payment instruction strictly. And confirm the code with your payment transaction ID.

Please send us a message. We will check and resolve within 12hrs.

Please signup for an account, activate and signin. You will be able to post a request course.

Note: Please provide all required information if not the request will not get approved.

You can request any kind of media that is electronic media like course in video, audio, eBook, software, ... from any market like trading (Forex), marketing, leadership, ...

Note: The media must be sale on a specific website with a specific price.

At the moment, You Share Links only supports shared links from pCloud. The other platforms will be supported soon and will be updated here...

pCloud: You can sign up pCloud for 10GB free here. Or you can try 30 days of pCloud premium for free here.

If the course with available shared link. You can download it immediately if you have enough credits.

After request for a successful download. You will have 24 hours to download it. When time is up. The link will no longer able to access.

We are so sorry for this. you have to request to download it again if the request before was timeout.

Most of the time our system can detect that the link is still alive or not. If you did not get any support from our team within 12hrs. Please leave us a message we will resolve it within 12hrs.

All the shared links on You Share Links are private and they will not be shared to anyone. So, all downloads will need to go through You Share Links servers as the proxy (Cloud => You Share Links => Browser).

To prevent You Share Links is overload with too many heavy downloads (more than 1GB). We introduces You Share Links Browser which will help members to download the files more quicker directly from the Cloud servers but also able to protect the shared URLs.

You can download You Share Links Browser here.

Note: using You Share Links browser members can interact directly with the Cloud platform like save to cloud drive or select some files and download, ...

Please send us a message via Chat-box or leave us a message. We will reply as soon as we can.