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Colin Dijs - September Mastermind


  • ​26 Years Old
  • ​Lives In Amsterdam
  • ​CPA Marketing Over 14 Months
  • Almost 7 Figures In Sales
  • Has Trained 1000s of Trainees

I worked on my business for 2 years for 10 hours a day and got distracted by the shiny object syndrome as I went from drop-shipping to funnel building to SEO to affiliate marketing. W
hen I reconnected with an old friend from my old drop-shipping course I joined he told me about affiliate CPA marketing as he noticed on my FB timeline that I was posting about affiliate marketing. After that 3 hour call the next day I made my first CPA marketing lead gen conversions. 
He guided me for 6 months from April 2018 to October 2018 where I finally quit my call center job where I had been working for the last 2 years. Very flexible job so I could work on my business on the side, hated every minute of me working there.
In October I hit my first 10k month, then it became 50k and 100k after the following months. The student became the teacher. Since then I've fulfilled my first life goal that was to own my own business and never work anyone else anymore.
Currently we sit at about 920k USD revenue in a year with CPA marketing business activities. 

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