Fuzzy Expert Systems

Abraham Kandel By Edward on May 29, 2019

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Abraham Kandel - Fuzzy Expert Systems

Until recently, fuzzy logic was the intellectual plaything of a handful of researchers. Now it is being used to enhance the power of intelligent systems, as well as improve the performance and reduce the cost of intelligent and "smart" products appearing in the commercial market. Fuzzy Expert Systems focuses primarily on the theory of fuzzy expert systems and their applications in science and engineering. In doing so, it provides the first comprehensive study of "soft" expert systems and applications for those systems. 

Topics covered include general purpose fuzzy expert systems, processing imperfect information using structured frameworks, the fuzzy linguistic inference network generator, fuzzy associative memories, the role of approximate reasoning in medical expert systems, MILORD (a fuzzy expert systems shell), and COMAX (an autonomous fuzzy expert system for tactical communications networks.

Fuzzy Expert Systems provides an invaluable reference resource for researchers and students in artificial intelligence (AI) and approximate reasoning (AR), as well as for other researchers looking for methods to apply similar tools in their own designs of intelligent systems.

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