Developing Executive Talent

Jonathan Smilansky By Andrew on Jun 8, 2019

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Jonathan Smilansky - Developing Executive Talent

The systematic management of executive talent is a key strategic challenge for most large corporations. This is an emerging field and, consequently, there is a lack of consensus about what is involved and a variety of approaches have been adopted. In Developing Executive Talent Jonathan Smilansky, Ph.D. summarises the key activities and concerns of large businesses in the USA and Europe that are focused around the identification, development and effective utilisation of executive talent. In doing so, he provides even the most experienced Human Resource executive with a much broader array of inputs about what today's leading organizations are doing in this area.

What quickly becomes clear is that even the best businesses are still developing their talent management processes. There are no 'right' answers and different organizations, with different levels of commitment, at different stages of development and in different environments produce different approaches. Developing Executive Talent is a map that lets you compare your organisation's approach with what others are doing in this area. It also grants you a close-up view of alternative processes designed to identify and develop the leaders of tomorrow. By learning from the experience of others you can become an 'educated consumer' of talent management services, and help both your organization and your own career.

With quotations from Heads of Human Resources describing their experiences and concerns, specific tools and processes used by large businesses to identify and manage the leaders of tomorrow, Developing Executive Talentoffers the clearest and most coherent picture to date of how leading organizations are tackling this critical business challenge.

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