Read SEC Filings

Timothy Sykes By Irene on Dec 4, 2019

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Timothy Sykes - Read SEC Filings

How to dig through boring but enlightening SEC filings and discover the difference between good and bad investments.

Read SEC Filings (RSF) will teach you how to read and analyze all sorts of SEC filings. One of Tim's best students, Michael Goode (he’s up $93,000+ using Tim's strategy) chimes in for several hours with his own investigating so viewers can compare our two differing research methods. These filings have always been long, technical and boring, but we will simplify the process and make it understandable to even the biggest beginners out there.

Not only great for discovering penny stock scams, learning to read SEC filings will help you better understand how to analyze companies of all sizes and their market valuations.


“This DVD is the last one that I watched and i must say, it did impress me like all the other ones.  After watching the DVD a couple of times, I can now fully research companies, develop my own research strategy and also might help in the future when trading the stocks! Thanks alot Tim for this awesome product!”

“Sykes and Goode are on point in this DVD that taught me everything I needed to know in how to research companies correctly. I put it to the test when I shorted BDCO a few weeks ago and sure enough their research strategy confirmed how aggressive I should short BDCO. The profit from this one trade alone pays for this DVD over 8 times. Thanks Tim and Michael!”

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